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    Comprehensive Services
    • Training for key departmental staff
    • Draft Letters of Agency
    • Analysis of NSLP eligibility and discount calculation
    • Form 470 and Form 471 submittal pages
    • Discount calculation and analysis
    • Receipt Acknowledgement Letter Review
    • Item 21 submittals, PIA documentation drafts and Selective Review responses
    • Funding Commitment Decision Letter Review
    • Service substitution requests
    • SPIN change requests
    • Contract and service end-date and/or invoice deadline extension requests, as needed
    • USAC/FCC letters of appeal
    • E-rate Manager for Applicants to access all E-rate forms, invoices, and asset information
    • Annual assessment of E-rate related programs, such as asset disposal, internal E-rate staffing plan, and procurement process (as it relates to E-rate)
    • Program compliance review and assessments
    • News and analysis concerning E-rate program rules and procedures
    • Alerts concerning important deadlines, such as Form 486 and BEAR deadlines, the service payment deadlines, appeal deadlines, Receipt Acknowledgment Letter response deadlines, etc.
    • Coordination with designated contacts regarding Item 21 submittals, invoice dates, invoice formats, invoice discounts, correct SPINs and FRN references, etc.