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    Step 1: Enter Entity Information

    The next few pages will give us the information we need to establish your E-rate Manager for Applicants account.

    To begin, please provide us with your organization's primary Billed Entity Number. The Billed Entity Number is the number assigned by the Schools and Libraries Division (the E-rate Program administrator) to your organization. This is the Billed Entity Number that appears in Block 1, Item 3 of the FCC Form 470 or Form 471. For more information, visit our Activation Questions page.

    Notice: Use these pages if you want to create a new E-rate Manager for Applicants account. If your organization already has an account established and you have been provided with a login, please use the E-rate Manager Login page to access the system. If you do not have a user login, or if you are a Service Provide and wish to set up an E-rate Manager account, please contact: E-rate Manager Business Operations ( for assistance.

    Billed Entity Number:
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    NOTE: Funds For Learning reserves the right to refuse an E-rate Manager for Applicants account license either during the activation process or after the account has been established.